Structure Your Coaching Business To Get Leads and Clients Without All the Overwhelm

In just 12-Weeks connect all the dots and create efficient and effective processes to market and onboard clients with ease, even if you don't know where to begin.

and, it get's worse......

Feelings of  Failure - Fear - Fraud.     Oh, NO!



CON (Swindler) Yes, that voice of headtalk. It STEALS your sense of balance and DRAINS you of direction. YOU know it,  I know it,  EVERYONE knows it, and it stops us in our tracks.

FUSION (unity, blended, joined together). We all desire it. That feeling of balance, flow and accomplishment.

It takes a little work at first, yet marketing your business does not have to consume your entire life

Trying to figure out how to launch a freedom based online business can seem to be all consuming at first. How to put the marketing pieces together is confusing, how to use social media as a tool and not just feeling like it's a time zapper, is frustrating.

truth | just showing up on Facebook and posting  or hitting the go-live button because you know you are suppose to be doing video,  will not get you clients.

Oh, yeah, no shame here, I've BEEN THERE - DONE THAT. I put plenty of time in showing up on Facebook without a real plan, without a clear message, or without a solid onboarding process. Guess what, I also heard plenty of *crickets*.

With determination, I dug deeper into marketing, sales, and funnels. I tweaked everything I was doing into a strategy and streamlined processes that had me finally seeing results, a strategy that I could repeat over and over to get even better results.

I'm here to share all that I've learned and shortcut the journey to scaling your online coaching business.

Take Me To The Details - I"m Ready to Know More Now!

Let's chat about the confusion

truth |  when you start implementing, piece by piece, that's when the "fog" clears and clarity starts to set in.
truth |  when you start to shift your mindset, the I don't know how turns to....WOW, that wasn't so hard.
truth | spending a lot of time on social media, without an intentional path to enrollment, will leave you depleted, wondering when, if ever, the coaching business that you crave is ever going to truly happen.
I'm Determined To Make This Happen!

Hi, I'm Pam

I've always been an entrepreneur. I launched my passion for photography into a business 25 years ago, and quickly grew that into a six figure studio. 

An eye for design and structure, plus a passion for marketing turned to coaching in 2015, a few certifications later, I re-focused  and fused my talents together and  launched  SOAR Accelerator, my personal coaching program.

Besides coaching I love reading, traveling, gathering and sharing life experiences with other women,  creative idea-generating, and a Netflix binge now and then.

I'm a heart-centered, life-loving, easily excitable entrepreneur, coach, and speaker.

SOAR Accelerator is Personalized 1:1 Coaching to Bring Flow and Ease Into Your Business

It's 12-Weeks of YOU TAKING COURAGEOUS ACTION, defining your hand raising offer, creating your unique client experience with a marketing campaign that connects you to your perfect person. With me in your corner you'll be focused with, NO MORE CONFUSION - N0 MORE DOUBT - NO MORE SECOND GUESSING!


With personalized coaching, you won't get lost in the crowd of a big group program that has you sitting on the sidelines looking in.


You'll be setting up proven processes to help you move forward into scaling with ease. You'll know exactly what to do when someone says yes.

Focused Direction

You'll know exactly what you're going to do next AND how to do it. Taking each piece of the process one by one until your complete system is set.

Talk To Me

When fear pops up, because it always does, you won't get stuck in self-doubt or second-guessing. I'm here for you, to help you get unstuck.

Idea Generation

Bounce ideas around and have a fresh eye on your pages and assets, your offer, marketing message, and graphics.  Confidently hit the launch button.


Breathe a sigh of relief, having repeatable processes in your business instantly creates space to do more of what you love.



Define your core offer to sell itself. You'll be CRYSTAL CLEAR ON THE TRANSFORMATION YOU PROVIDE and the exact experience you'll deliver to get them there using my 4 step IN-Method.

INFUSE YOUR PERSONALITY into your branding with both your VISUAL AND VERBAL MARKETING MESSAGE so you  stand out and get noticed in the online marketplace.


You'll have your EXACT CLIENT JOURNEY MAPPED OUT from start to finish. Then piece by piece you'll create a beautiful experience to take your perfect person to a perfect yes.



Create core sustainability and scaling of your business by setting up the PROVEN PROCESSES AND AUTOMATIONS to get you out of overwhelm. This is where the rubber meets the road and you'll see the biggest advancement in your business.


Everything you do on social will be strategized to lead your perfect person into the next step of your client journey. NO MORE WASTED HOURS ON SOCIAL you'll create a plan that's aligned to you.


Having a STRUCTURED ENROLLMENT PROCESS that Infuses your personality and values into casual conversations builds rapport and relatability that confirms someone is ready to work with you, bringing flow and ease into your sales.



Design a MARKETING CAMPAIGN THAT RUNS ON AUTOPILOT, freeing up time to focus more on your coaching and enjoying life. Challenge, Workshop, Masterclass the foundations are the same, YOU are the IT-Factor.
You've created and tested the processes, you are soaring, confident, and getting the results you've been looking for. NOW IT'S TIME TO SCALE.

12-Weeks Looks Like This:

  • Business Intensive Session to Map Your Personal 12-Week Objective
  • 10 Weekly  50-minute  Coaching Sessions
  • Recap & Roadmap Your Next Moves
$2997 - I 'm Ready To Apply for Mentoring

Limited Enrollment!

I only work with a few 1:1 clients at a time, schedule a 15-minute Mentor Me call to see if we are a "good fit" and if  I have an opening  for you. My goal is to make this 12-weeks an absolute game changer in your business.

If you're ready to design processes and an intentional social media presence that leads to clients, then this is for you.

This is not an information only,  full of fluff program. This is coaching you through the actual steps of putting the pieces into place. I'm 100% committed to seeing you succeed in moving your business forward and getting clients. You must be ready and committed to do the work involved to experience success.

I can't wait to celebrate with you as you see results!

"I found a breath of "fresh air" in the straight forward, action focused, approach Pam takes in her coaching. Not only did she offer simple step-by-step micro movement how to's her eye for design and creativity took my marketing to a new level. "


"Before working with Pam, my marketing felt so overwhelming! I had no plan, I didn't know where to begin and I just kept my fingers crossed that someone would find me. Now, I have a marketing timeline and clear steps to use when launching my dance classes AND my marketing speaks so much clearer to what I offer and that's bringing me more clients. "

- Eleana

"Pam's kind, loving support combined with clear ideas and simple "bite-sized" next steps kept me moving and out of overwhelm. I am now moving forward with my branding and social media strategy with more clarity in how to spend my time on social media."


"Pam offers tangible guidance in how to launch yourself to new heights in your business. She's got great strategies & tools that I've put into action that same day! Plus... she makes it so much more FUN!! I mean... who knew business strategy could be FUN!?!"


I'm Ready - Sign Me Up!

12-Weeks of Mentoring to Create The Proven Processes That Will Attracts Your Perfect People To Work With You AND Bring Flow and Ease Into Your Business.


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